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More than anything, it’s not just for the sport, it’s for us

More than anything, it’s not just for the sport, it’s for us

While Hirshland insisted that the athletes’ thinking was their priority and they admitted all the pressure they are beginning to receive from athletes who cannot train and fear for their health if they attend the Games, even if they are without spectators.

"This is and will likely continue to be a work in progress as the environment continues to evolve.", Hirshland appreciated.

With just over four months until the opening ceremonies on July 24, athletes around the world are at a critical point in training.

Some, such as those in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and parts of the United States, are unable to train properly due to stay-at-home orders from federal and local governments.

The USOPC has closed its training centers in Colorado Springs (Colorado) and New York to any athlete who is not a full-time resident.

There is also the challenge of deciding whether to send equipment and supplies to Japan in preparation for the Games, something that is considered essential for the performance of the entire United States delegation, which will once again be the largest and most important in the world.

"The reality is that there are problems on all sides which creates real anxiety and concern among all of us."Hirshland admitted. "There is a high degree of uncertainty and lack of clarity, and we want to have clarity as soon as possible. I don’t know if there is an answer in this that helps everyone".

The Olympics have been canceled only three times in history: during World War I (1916) and World War II (1940, 1944). There has never been an Olympic postponement.

The uncertainty about whether there will be a game has added to what is already a stressful time in the four-year cycle for Olympians.

Most American athletes have yet to qualify for the Games, but with the current coronavirus situation, many national government bodies, such as USA Wrestling, have canceled or postponed the Olympic trials.

Jacob Pebley, a swimmer on the 2016 Olympic team, expressed his concerns in an Instagram post Thursday night, and this Friday the U.S. Swimming Federation also sent a letter to the USOPC officially asking him to to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Games for one year.

Hirshland argued that he has heard from various athletes and that opinions are as varied as the athletes themselves, because some see their presence at the Olympics as their great and only opportunity.

Norway also asks to postpone the Games

Norwegian Olympic Committee asks CIO to postpone Games until pandemic is controlled

For his part, the USOPC medical director, Dr. Jonathan Finnoff, reported this Friday that he is not aware of any athlete in the summer Olympic sports that has tested positive for COVID-19.

The badminton player Carolina Marín has affirmed that she and other Spanish athletes throw "I miss some more or less immediate solution" from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in the face of the uncertainty surrounding the Tokyo Games due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


On at 18:25 CET




"I know that right now the president of the IOC has more things to do, many obligations and many pending things, but we miss some answer or some more or less immediate solution, because we live in that uncertainty of not knowing what is going to happen.", has commented Marín in the program ‘Carrusel Deportivo’ of Cadena SER.

"I have already said it in some other interview. The best option is for the Olympics to be postponed. More than anything, it’s not just for the sport, it’s for us. Now the most important and paramount thing is to take care of each other, because together we are going to fight this. Together and united is how you have to fight. It is no longer about the Olympic Games, but about the health of all people", has insisted.

"I understand that it is a complicated situation and that it is not easy to say ‘we postpone the Games and that’s it’. Because I know that there are many consequences and that it is not a decision that can be made from one day to the next.", has qualified in this regard.

In addition, Marín has described his routine in this situation of preventive confinement. "Trying to take things in the best possible way, within what we are having. Exercising, doing things at home, and trying to stay in shape", has underlined.

"Apart from being athletes, we are people. And since we are people, we join the rest of the Spanish and follow the instructions that the Government and Health tell us. Of course I’m staying home too", stressed the Huelva player.

All athletes who have tested positive for coronavirus

The French Swimming Federation urges postponement of the Olympics

"I don’t go out at all, I haven’t done any badminton at all for a week. I try to follow the instructions that my coaches and my physical trainer give me to adapt exercises to be inside the house And this is how I think that we are keeping all athletes", has finally added.

Darren Bent was an English forward who scored more than 100 goals in the English first division. He developed his entire career in England and played up to twelve editions of the Premier League. At 28 and after two good seasons at Charlton Athletic, Tottenham Hotspur noticed him, who had already been international for England and gave him the opportunity to play at White Hart Lane. The Jamaican-born forward’s stint in North London lasted just two seasons, 79 games in which Darren scored 25 goals before heading to Birmingham to sign for Aston Villa.

11/04/2020 at 18:18 CET

Pep Santos


Mauricio Pochettino

Bent was yesterday on talkSport, a British sports radio station that collaborates with the Premier League, and made it very clear that he does not consider Mauricio Pochettino, who was Tottenham Hotspur coach until the end of 2019, an elite coach despite the successes that the Argentine achieved directing the ‘Spurs’. For Bent, Pochettino is not even up to the task of replacing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as Manchetser United manager after the poor results of the Mancunian side in the Premier League fueled rumors about a possible dismissal of the Norwegian and the hiring of ‘Poche’ .

Pochettino made it clear this Monday that he really wants to return to the benches, which added fuel to the fire to the rumors that link him to the Red Devils but, for Bent, the absence of titles in the record of ‘Poche’ as coach , makes him a bad fit for the Old Trafford team: ” When I look at the elite coaches out there: I look at Klopp, Guardiola and even Ancelotti. I can’t put Pochettino in that group yet. I know he has been at the Spurs, but he won nothing. Raising him suddenly because he reached a Champions League final and a League Cup final? that’s not world-class management for me. I think it’s good, but I don’t think I’m in that group. ” He said 12 times international for England.

Bent went on to argue because, despite having improved Tottenham as he did, for him Pochettino is not one of the best coaches: ” Look at what Pochettino did at Spurs. He took them to a level. In the end, after all the great work Poch had done developing players like Dele Alli and Harry Kane, Daniel Levy still needed someone to come in and win trophies. I felt that Pochettino couldn’t do that. Was it enough to take them to a Champions League final? Does that automatically catapult you into that elite group, because you led someone to a Champions League final? It’s not like that for me, ” Bent concluded.

Ryan Giggs: ‘It could be 20 years until Manchester United win the Premier League again’

Manchester United wanted to sign Arsène Wenger

For Darren, even Mikel Arteta, who took over the reins of Arsenal in the middle of last season, can be considered a better coach than the Argentine: "Look at Arteta at Arsenal, he’s also a better coach than Pochettino. He hasn’t even been a coach for a year and look what he’s done there. He identified the players when he arrived and definitely detected the team’s defensive problems. It changed it completely. He got in there and won an FA Cup and a Community Shield, beating some of the strongest rivals. He managed to find a way to win" finished the London forward.

Legendary Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel was once again particularly critical of 1xbet mobile app download his former team, especially after their last defeat at Old Trafford against Arsenal (0-1).

11/03/2020 at 19:30 CET

"They are irregular and it is still a team in transition and in progress, because they still need to recruit new players"stated on BeIN Sports before adding that "you must find your identity and the right people".

"I think we still haven’t recovered from Alex Ferguson’s 27-year reign and are still trying to find a new identity"Schmeichel reiterated.

Ancelotti compares James Rodríguez with Ronaldo Nazario

The former Danish footballer was also disappointed with the poor performance of some of the considered stars of this rebuilding Manchester United, especially in the Premier League.

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