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Today, many Ukrainians are thinking about retraining as IT specialists.

Today, many Ukrainians are thinking about retraining as IT specialists.

But in controversial matters, these leaders and bodies can intervene and help make informed decisions.

Volodymyr Bakhrushin, Educational Policy Portal

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The Minister of Health proposes to transfer medical universities to the Ministry of Education and Science

Medical universities will be subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science

The reform of the health care general summary of each chapter a tree grows in brooklyn system will affect not only medical institutions, but also specialized universities, said Health Minister Alexander Kvitashvili. This was reported by ZN.UA. "I was very surprised to learn that medical universities in Ukraine are under the Ministry of Health. In Georgia, this is the competence of the Ministry of Education. Clinical bases for training medical students are created on the basis of research institutes of the Academy of Medical Sciences, "Kvitashvili said. "We will make decisions concerning medical universities together with the Ministry of Education and Science," said the Minister of Health. Today in Ukraine 13 medical universities, 2 medical academies and 3 academies of postgraduate education are trained by doctors and pharmacists. This number also includes the Crimean, Donetsk and Luhansk universities, which are located in the temporarily occupied territories. Clinical bases for teaching students and conducting research work in regional and city hospitals, dispensaries, as well as institutes of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

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6 free offline courses that will allow Ukrainians to obtain the specialty of IT specialist

Where to get free IT education

Today, many Ukrainians are thinking about retraining as IT specialists. This is perhaps the only industry that has not suffered from the devaluation of the hryvnia and the economic crisis. Salaries of programmers are pegged to the dollar, and the number of vacancies for them is only growing. However, studying for an IT specialist is expensive – given the current situation in the country, for most it is a serious blow to the pocket. Coursera is also not suitable for everyone – some people do not absorb information online. Below are six free offline courses for those who cannot study online. Coding for Future The initiative was launched by the BrainBasket educational foundation with the support of the Ministry of Defense and private educational organizations. Coding for Future is designed for anti-terrorist operation participants and migrants who want to change their profession to IT. During the courses, they will be able to master the profession of Junior QA engineer for free. You do not need to take any tests to participate in the program, just apply for participation. When selecting participants, only the motivation to develop in the IT sphere is evaluated. In Kiev, the courses have already started – today several people are studying in training centers in Kiev, and next week three more groups will be launched, consisting exclusively of migrants, with whom teachers will work. volunteers. Also in the coming weeks, the program is scheduled to start in Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa and Lviv. Bionic University The initiative is funded by the Vasily Khmelnitsky Charitable Foundation "Ways to the Future", so training in most programs is free. However, not everyone can become a student of the courses – those who wish are tested and selected by an interview with Bionic University experts. The university is located in Kiev on the territory of the "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" and offers a wide range of courses and programs. Here you can learn software development, management skills and entrepreneurial knowledge. And on the basis of Bionic University there is a Coursera hub, where you can consolidate offline knowledge gained via the Internet with the support of competent teachers. SoftServe IT-Academy Many IT companies are also ready to train people for free to replenish their staff with quality and loyal professionals. Ukrainian software company SoftServe has launched a free academy aimed at senior students of technical specialties and people with little experience on the basis of its representative offices in Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Rivne, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kyiv. successfully pass the competitive selection, so it is desirable to have a basic knowledge of the chosen discipline and a good level of English. SoftServe IT-Academy teaches ten different specialties, including such popular languages ​​as Java and .NET. The last courses from two to four months. EPAM Systems Training Center Training at EPAM Systems is more an opportunity to improve your skills in your chosen discipline than to study it from scratch. The training is also aimed at senior students of technical specialties and lasts several months. Participation in the programs is possible only after passing the selection test, which is held twice a year – in February and September. Courses from EPAM are held in Kiev, Lviv and Kharkov. Areas of training: Java, .Net and testing (manual and automated). The courses offer participants not only knowledge and experience, but also the opportunity to get a job in one of the largest outsourcing companies in Ukraine – EPAM Systems. Intersog LabsUkrainian company Intersog opens a school of iOS and Android development in Odessa. The conditions are the same as in EPAM and SoftServe – applicants are tested, the best get the green light and, subject to successful completion of the courses, can get a job at Intersog. other programs will appear. The training lasts three months, two classes a week and takes place in the evening. Training classes are located in the Odessa office of the company at st. Marshala Govorova 18.GL BaseCampGL BaseCamp is an affiliate program of one of the largest Ukrainian software companies GlobalLogic with leading technical universities in Ukraine. IT courses are held at the technical universities of Kyiv (KPI), Lviv (Lviv Polytechnic) and Kharkiv (KNURE). Also the program prepares in Nikolaev. Training in GL BaseCamp is free and everyone can take part in it. They will have to be selected in advance, as in other similar initiatives. The training lasts about three months and is conducted on an additional (non-university) program in a special room of the university. GlobalLogic can also offer the best graduates employment in the company. Maya yarovaya

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The president says he will not sign the budget if it provides for the abolition of scholarships

Poroshenko against the abolition of scholarships

The President states that he will not sign the Law on the State Budget if it provides for the abolition of student scholarships. Poroshenko said this during his annual Address to the Verkhovna Rada "On the internal and external situation of Ukraine in 2016."

"I will not miss the budget for next year, which will be the abolition of scholarships, the abolition of public funding for master’s studies and other experiments," said the President of Ukraine.

As you know, the Ministry of Finance proposed to change the approach to the payment of scholarships, referring to the experience of other European countries, where not all students receive scholarships.

scholarshipseducation financing



The freelance adviser to the Minister of Education spoke about the progressive scholarship system

Egor Stadny: Ukrainian realities of scholarship accrual

When Ukrainian education becomes like in Europe, and students’ scholarships provide them with an opportunity to live more or less normally, as well as the conservatism of the university environment, which hinders industry reform, FaceNews was told by Egor Stadny, a freelance adviser to the Minister of Education and Science. .When will there be education of the European model and European level in Ukraine? Who and what should do this? Who and what is a question, I think, for hours of conversation. But as soon as we can take responsibility and we will have effective communication between the Ministry of Education and the industry … Because there is a huge problem, in my opinion, that people a) do not understand the purpose, b) do not understand, how tools are adjusted for this purpose. Students with scholarships see savings. Teachers of all compulsory subjects see an attempt to reduce them. That is, we have such a misunderstanding in many matters. I think that the ministry and its public relations service need to significantly reconsider their policy of informing the public and all participants in the process of what the intentions are and what is the sequence of using certain tools to implement these intentions. When will our scholarships meet the subsistence level? According to the norm of the new law, academic scholarships for a minimum of two thirds and a maximum of three quarters of state employees at the university – and, in fact, in a group – must be awarded according to the rating. The minimum is the subsistence level, such a tautology comes out. And there are social scholarships that are counted separately.

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