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Some like a light yeast dough, others prefer shortcrust pastry

Some like a light yeast dough, others prefer shortcrust pastry

Cut off the stem ends. Also remove any damaged areas. Cut the mushrooms into slices. If you want to prevent the individual slices from sticking together, you can first place them on a wooden board and freeze them for 24 hours. Put the (pre-frozen) mushrooms in a freezer bag or in a container suitable for freezing.

Warm up the mushrooms

The mushrooms can be kept for around eight months in the freezer. After thawing, mushrooms are usually not as crispy as they were before. They get muddy quickly. You should therefore put them in a pan or saucepan while they are still frozen.

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Drying mushrooms instead of freezing them

You can also dry the mushrooms instead of freezing them. Mushrooms, but also porcini or oyster mushrooms, are particularly suitable for this. To do this, dry the mushrooms on a tray at 50 degrees for four hours in the oven and turn them regularly. According to the consumer advice center, they can basically be kept indefinitely – provided they are stored correctly. This can be done in an airtight container in a dark and cool place.

Sources used: Consumer Advice Center BayernBund Deutscher Champignon- und KulturpilzanbauerNestlé Nutrition StudyOther sourcesShow less sources

Bonn (dpa / tmn) – Crispy onion cake is one of the autumn classics. The Federal Center for Nutrition recommends rediscovering the savory pastries: The onion can be combined very well with fruit such as apple, pear and plum or vegetables such as carrots and pumpkin.

Reasons still unclear: Rossmann recalls disinfectants. Caution, plastic pieces: drugstore chain dm recalls gingerbread. Nutcracker trick: Cracking frozen nuts with your bare hand Works with frozen nuts: Do you know the nutcracker trick? Sold for two months: drugstore chain calls back fruit tea

Fresh figs, chanterelles, anchovies and capers also go well with the onion cake. The Mediterranean style, on the other hand, is prepared with tomatoes and black olives. Some like a light yeast dough, others prefer shortcrust pastry. The cake can also be made with quark and oil batter or without a base directly in the springform pan.

Because the onions are fried beforehand and then stewed in the oven for a long time, they are easier to digest. They are healthy anyway, explains the Provincial Association of Rhenish Fruit and Vegetable Growers. They contain a lot of vitamins C, B6 and B7 as well as potassium, sulfur compounds and antioxidants.

If you like to have some onions in stock, you should store them in a cool and dry place. The storage area must also be well ventilated so that the onions do not rot.

Cologne (dpa / tmn) – This oven tomato soup is the perfect dish to prepare for autumn: the last sun-ripened tomatoes conjure up the taste of summer on our tongues and as a soup they warm us from the inside.

Reasons still unclear: Rossmann recalls disinfectants. Caution, plastic pieces: drugstore chain dm recalls gingerbread. Nutcracker trick: Cracking frozen nuts with your bare hand Works with frozen nuts: Do you know the nutcracker trick? Sold for two months: drugstore chain calls back fruit tea

Since the tomatoes are baked in the oven, the dish is ready in no time. Put the tomatoes in the oven for an hour, along with shallots, garlic, bay leaves, rosemary, thyme and olive oil. Then the vegetables are pureed, pressed through a sieve – and the dish is ready.

The crostini are just as quick to make, as they are only baked in the oven for a few minutes until they are crispy and then coated with fresh goat cheese.argumentative essay

Recipe for oven tomato soup with goat cheese crostini (for approx. 4 servings)

2.5 kg of tomatoes, 4 cloves of garlic, 4 shallots, 2 bay leaves, 2 sprigs of thyme, 2 sprigs of rosemary, olive oil, salt, pepper

1 baguette or ciabatta, 150 g goat cream cheese, olive oil


1. Wash the tomatoes, dry them and remove the stem. Quarter the tomatoes.

2. Peel and quarter the shallots and garlic.

3. Wash the herbs and shake dry.

4. Spread the tomatoes, shallots, garlic, herbs and bay leaves on a deep baking sheet. Pour about 4 tablespoons of olive oil over it and season with salt and pepper.

5. Bake for 30-40 minutes in a preheated oven at 180-200 degrees air circulation.

6. Cut the baguette into thin slices, drizzle (or brush) with olive oil and bake on a baking sheet in the oven for a few minutes until crispy (as soon as the tomatoes have been removed from the oven).

7. Take the baking sheet with the tomatoes out of the oven and remove the herbs and bay leaves. Put the hot tomatoes with the onions and garlic in a high saucepan and purée finely with a hand blender (or in a blender).

8. Then press the soup through a sieve and, depending on your taste, season again with salt and pepper and, if necessary, reheat.

9. Take the crostini out of the oven and brush generously with the goat cream cheese and serve with the soup.

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Vorwerk is planning an additional device for its smart kitchen appliance for the first time in the coming year – the Thermomix Friend. The device can be controlled via Bluetooth from the main device and allows more complex menus.

The Thermomix is ​​considered by millions of fans as the non-plus-ultra of the modern kitchen appliance. The latest version steams, cooks, fries, mixes or purees a wide variety of dishes. The highlight of the device: Even beginners are easily guided through the preparation steps of the individual dishes on the large color display; virtually anyone can cook with the Thermomix.

Hobby cooks around the world are enthusiastic about it, the manufacturer Vorwerk sells billions with the device. The kitchen appliance has one limitation: it can prepare almost anything, but not at the same time. Because while a roast is being cooked sous-vide in a mixing bowl, a side dish or salad dressing cannot be cooked at the same time.

Thermomix Friend as a supplementary second device

Buying a second Thermomix is ​​likely to be too expensive for most users at a new price of 1325 euros. For this reason, from spring 2021, Vorkwerk will instead be offering the new Thermomix Friend accessory for 399 euros (499 euros including mixing bowl). 

It is a smaller, slimmed-down Thermomix model that can relieve the large kitchen appliance from certain tasks. According to Vorwerk, it can heat the contents of the pot to up to 120 degrees, and the device also has stirring levels "Counterclockwise rotation 1 + 2". Here offers the "right one" Thermomix a lot more, but the Friend can also cook, steam or sous-vide cooking with it. 

In addition, the latest Thermomix model TM6 should be able to establish a connection via Bluetooth between the two devices, so that the Friend can also be controlled directly from the main device.

Vorwerk has not yet revealed when exactly the Thermomix will be released, only that it will be "Spring 2021" should act.

Virtual this year: The home appliance trends at the IFA technology fair. Rely on successor models: Stiftung Warentest: No vacuum robot is recommended. Roborock S6 in the test: This China robot has a weakness in carpets

Vorwerk: Available from spring 2021 – an ingenious new accessory for your Thermomix

There are all kinds of organic fruit. But why is there still hardly any organic jam and jam? The answer can be found in the recipe.

The organic departments in the supermarket are getting bigger and bigger – but jam and marmalade are hardly to be found among organic products. The background to this is simple: the recipe.

Fruit spread instead of jam

For jams, the law essentially prescribes white sugar for the production, explains the Bavarian Consumer Center. Organic manufacturers would mostly work with alternative sweeteners such as apple syrup, agave syrup or raw cane sugar. That is why they call their products fruit spreads.

These fruit spreads contain more fruit and less sugar than traditional jams. Another difference is that the processed fruits – unlike jam – must not be sulphurized beforehand. In addition to pectin, locust bean gum and agar agar are used as gelling agents.

Preventing hunger pangs: The optimal breakfast consists of four components Best before date: How long can foods really keep? Lightning cakes: Tips and recipes for quick fruit cakes

However, fruit spreads with a lower sugar content also have a shorter shelf life. Therefore, the opened jar should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within a few days. In the case of mold, it is important to throw away all of the contents, according to consumer advocates.

Sources used: dpa-tmn news agency

Sometimes a down-to-earth classic like heaven and earth just belongs on the table. What was already appreciated in the 18th century is still a popular dish with young and old today. Try the following recipe.

Autumn recipes: sweet and savory classics
Photo series with 9 pictures

Apple compote with mashed potatoes: the recipe

Incidentally, the traditional dish Heaven and Earth owes its name to its ingredients. The potato, which is also known regionally as a Erdapfel, stands for the earth. The apples on the trees symbolize the sky. For the recipe for four servings you will need the following ingredients:

For the apple compote:

4 tart apples1 organic lemon1 onion1 clove of garlic1 small fresh chilli pepper30 grams of butter1 stick of cinnamon1 slice of ginger0.1 liters of apple juice0.1 liters of white wine

For the mashed potatoes:

1 kilogram of floury potatoes, 100 grams of butter, ¼ liters of cream, ¼ liters of milk, salt, and nutmeg

(Source: NDR, broadcast "THE! Wish menu")

Fruity compote with a spicy note

Start the preparation by washing, quartering and peeling the apples. The core of the apples is also removed. Now dice the columns into small pieces. The clove of garlic and the onion are peeled and the latter cut into thin slices. For the lemony note, wash the lemon and remove a finger-sized piece of the peel. The chilli pepper is opened and its seeds removed.

The ingredients prepared in this way can now gradually migrate into the pot. To do this, let the butter melt in the saucepan and first sauté only the onion slices and the apples. Then you can deglaze the whole thing with wine and apple juice. Now the other ingredients such as garlic, chilli, ginger, the cinnamon stick and the lemon peel can also be added and their aroma can develop over low heat for about ten to fifteen minutes. Now remove the spices – the compote is ready.

Heaven and earth: Creamy mashed potatoes with a nutty aroma

Heaven and earth would not be complete without potatoes. In order for these to become a delicious puree, they must first be peeled according to the recipe and boiled in salted water. Now let them cool down and prepare a nutty butter. To do this, heat the butter until it has melted and has taken on a brownish tone. To make the liquid butter particularly smooth, filter it through a fine sieve. The butter is now mixed with the pressed potatoes.

Sweet and hot sauce: Simple apple chutney recipe to make yourself Fruity and fresh: Hot and sweet recipe for apple and horseradish soup Vegetables: Delicious recipes with potatoes From dessert to chutney: Make applesauce yourself – basics and creative ideas

In another saucepan, boil milk and cream by a third. Then stir this mixture loosely into the potatoes. Season the finished mashed potatoes with salt and nutmeg. Arrange the compote and the puree lukewarm and serve heaven and earth with liver or blood sausage if you wish. A delicious recipe for every day.

Oat drinks are not only more climate-friendly than cow’s milk, they can also convince in terms of taste. Stiftung Warentest shows: Most are of good quality – but only a few types are suitable for frothing.

Cow’s milk has serious competition – especially from the oat drink. It’s vegan, climate- and animal-friendly and lactose-free. The oat variant is the most popular among the milk alternatives. And the Stiftung Warentest also comments in the current issue of the magazine "test" (5/2020) hardly any criticism of the products.

Of 18 different brands, 14 received the grade "Well" from, eleven of them with organic seal. None of the rest of the drinks were worse than "satisfying". However, one candidate was found to be heavily contaminated with nickel. Nickel is suspected of being reproductive harm. 

Oat drinks vary in taste

The products differed in taste: the sweetness varied, with individual flavors such as vanilla, roasted or slightly bitter. Because oats naturally hardly contain any calcium, fortification with calcium offers advantages. Instead of sunflower oil, one of the brands tested also contained rapeseed oil and thus healthy omega-3 fatty acids – which, according to the experts, is to be advocated.

They were the tasting winners "Oat Barista Edition" from Oatly, "Oat oat calcium" from Provamel and "Oat Original mild grain taste" from Alpro.

Seven reasons: why you should eat oatmeal more often Myth or truth ?: Vegetarians and vegans have no heart problems Prevent cravings: The optimal breakfast consists of four components

There are still improvements in foamability

Not health-related, but comfort-related: the foamability of the products. In coffee specialties with a lot of foam, such as cappuccino, the performance of the products can in some cases be improved. On three packs in the test it was expressly stated that they are suitable for foaming. But only two of them kept the promise: the "Barista Edition" from Oatly and the "Oat drink without calcium" from Alnatura. 

Sources used: dpa-tmn news agency

"Cows are not milk machines" it says in a new spot from the confectionery manufacturer.

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